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"I have been using Electric ease for about 6 months now and it is just great, The program itself is fantastic and the customer support is second to none. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the future!"

Jeremy M, New Age Electric

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Cloud-Based Software

  • Work and update your jobs from the office, job site, or remote location with ease.
  • Seamlessly connect your entire team with one software.
  • Instant access, constant data backup, and no downloads.
  • Free maintenance: we handle all updates and upgrades to your software.
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Powerful, Efficient, Profitable

  • Create clean, professional contracts that can be sent directly from your software to your clients, instantly.
  • Faster, more accurate estimating and job costing using our preloaded materials and assemblies.
  • Estimate small, medium, and large projects- create time and material jobs, write service tickets, and change orders.
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  • Built for your business: residential, commercial, or industrial, Electric Ease can help you win more bids and succeed.
  • Always up-to-date: Never experience downtime or costly computer upgrades.
  • Outstanding customer service & Support: 90-day money-back guarantee, free training, and free feature upgrades!

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Our database comes loaded with our pre-built assemblies. However, for those looking to additional assemblies simply access our assembly master to quickly and easily add your own custom assemblies or customize any of our pre-built assemblies.

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Overly complicated software can turn a simple bid into a difficult and unpleasant experience. The Electric Ease platform is easy to learn and operate while remaining accurate, powerful, and flexible to suit varying levels and types of estimating needs.

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Single-Page Electrical Estimate Document (SPEED)

Our SPEED page allows each user the ability to complete an entire job on one page. From entering job information, building a scope letter, estimating, scheduling and job costing, all work is completed on the same page, streamlining the process.

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Job Costing

Job costing is one of the most vital pieces of running profitable projects. Managing costs has never been easier! Keep an eye on your project's production, pace, and profit with our built-in job costing feature including direct expenses and vendor quotes.

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Client Reports

Show your professionalism and set your brand apart with a clean, well put together estimate which includes your company's logo and information in the header of the report. Ready to send? Email your detailed estimate with one click directly from your software.  

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Job Description Reports

View a detailed material report pulled directly from the estimate entered on your SPEED page. This includes job-specific notes that only your employees can see. Accessible from our laptop or tablet. Keeps your workforce on the same page as the estimator and customer.


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Streamline Processes with Electric Ease
Estimating and estimate management
Document management
Monitoring job cost overruns
Employee time tracking
End repeated trips to supply houses
Limit material overruns
Accurate estimates

Electric Ease electrical estimating and management software was designed to be easy to use, easy to implement, easy to understand yet create powerful results. From commercial, residential, industrial – even specialty contractors – Electric Ease has features that help you manage a business, win more jobs, boost profits, and enjoy more free time.

  Membership Options

Master Level Membership

Unlimited company-wide access for all sized contractors looking to increase profits and efficiency from the field to the office.  Includes unlimited one-on-one online training. 

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  • Unlimited company-wide access
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited one-on-one online training
  • Unlimited free support
  • Access to online training videos
  • Access to all Electric Ease Premium features
  • Access to online webinars
  • Preloaded assemblies 

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Journeyman Level Membership

Single user access great for start-up contractors or small/medium contractors looking to organize their business and make more money using the best electrical estimating software.

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  • Single Member Access
  • Preloaded assemblies
  • Access to online training videos & all Electric Ease Premium features
  • Access to online webinars
  • Unlimited support

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