Posted on 06/14/2018 at 02:00 PM by Electric Ease

Estimating can be daunting, takeoffs can take forever, writing your scope letter can be mind-numbing and cumbersome. Because none of this time is billable, your overhead is driven up and your project’s value is driven down. Going back and forth from plans to spreadsheets takes a lot of time and patience, especially when office distractions or calls from clients make you lose your place.

What if you could build your estimate without endlessly going back and forth between windows and lists saving your work as you go?

What if you could work with an electrical estimating software that simplifies and speeds up the estimation process by easily and quickly building your own custom assemblies?

Automating assemblies that your company uses on a daily basis so you’re not constantly searching through a database with thousands of assemblies you never use? What if the same electrical estimating software allowed you to import your local vendors' material list so you have your true pricing, not just a rough national average and without paying for a specialized material database service?

Finally, what if you didn’t have to spend countless hours typing scope letters, copying and pasting to different word documents, changing the customers' information and job location, adding your logo, converting to a PDF and attaching to an email every single time?

Electric Ease’s “Scope of Work Master” eliminates all of the headaches and sends estimates to customers with one click – keeping your jobs all in one neat location. Customer information – saved! Previous scope letters – saved! Custom scope verbiage – built and saved! Estimates are tracked & job numbers can be added. All of this will make better use of your time, allowing you to estimate more work and spend more time managing your business.

Electric Ease helps you grow, have more free time and earn more money!

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