Posted on 07/21/2018 at 02:00 PM by Electric Ease

Let’s face it, being organized isn’t easy. It takes planning, design, a system and work…. a lot of work. We work to have an organized shop, organized work vehicles and an organized job site. But what about the office? What about on bid day? Days with multiple service calls? Days when an employee calls in sick? Are you organized and prepared to handle the extreme peaks and valleys of your day or week?

Electricians in the field are the heartbeat of your company and the office is your nerve center. Electricians complete jobs, keep customers happy and keep the cash flowing. Your office keeps more work flowing to your electricians and controls input and output so that your entire business can function – and just like in life if one fails… you’re dead.  Many contractors neglect the nerve center of their company, which can cause catastrophic failures down the line. Lost time. Lost money. Injuries. Missed deadlines. All products of poor organization.

Implementing an electrical management system can quickly and easily take your company from the brink of failure to an efficient, cash flowing machine. Think of software like a supplement you take to help performance in the gym or aid in weight loss. When you add electrical estimating software that also can manage your workflow, you BOOST your companies efficiency allowing more work to flow to your men and women in the field and TRIM down the fat that hurts company performance. Now you can be organized and ready for whatever life throws at you!

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