Posted on 11/25/2018 at 02:00 PM by Electric Ease

What new technology can you use for your contracting business? What will be here for years to come? What questions do you ask? What tools do you buy? Let's take a look at some of today’s technology and how to approach and implement it into your business plan.


Do you remember your first cordless tool kit?  Huge batteries that did not last and 3 options of tools available… A drill, a reciprocating saw, and a flashlight. Now there are enough cordless options you rarely need a drop cord for anything other than to plug in a charger. Different voltages, different amp hour batteries, charging decks, radios, cameras, impact guns, rotary hammers, and super strength tools that use to be hydraulic are now cordless. So what do you buy? Again look at the brand, how long have they been around? Can your neighbor buy the same tool at the local box store that is residential grade? There is a difference between box store grade and commercial supply house grade. Look at the warranty and tool options and lastly look for Bluetooth options. Bluetooth tracking is a very handy feature to implement when your tools mysteriously walk off of the job site.

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