Posted on 02/10/2019 at 02:00 PM by Electric Ease

This will be a multi-post blog talking about the speed and easy features that Electric Ease has built into its system to help give you more free time! We will go in-depth talking about the different SPEEDTM features that can be easily applied while you are completing your estimating and management processes. Features that we’ll cover include SPEEDTM – our Single Page Electrical Estimate Document, one-click estimate emailing, auto-fill scope letter, SOW scope of work master and our SPEEDTM parts upload.


One of the most frustrating things when building a job into any software is jumping page to page while entering data and takeoff. Almost all software begins with adding the job information, moves to the next page to perform takeoff, then on to add your direct job expense (DJE) and vendor quotes (VQ) finally another page to add your profit…. now what?  Where do you add your scope letter? How do you check your job costs as the project moves forward? Most software requires you to add your own word document each time in order to create your scope letter. What about job costing? Other software companies require you to purchase an entirely different software to cost your jobs!  On top of this, you have to run a separate program or app for scheduling.

The Electric Ease Single Page Electrical Estimate Document, or SPEEDTM, allows you enter your customer’s information, job information, directions or special notes, takeoff, scope letter, DJE, VQ, profit, and legal terms. You then select from 3 estimate options, schedule the work dates and assign manpower. Once your job is accepted and begins, you enter your job costs right next to your original takeoff! Part of this very special job costing feature is not only being able to see your actual job costs against your original takeoff but being able to instantly see where you are +/- on your job. Finally, once you begin entering job costs, a new bar opens at the bottom of the screen.This is where you see your LIVE gross profit. This is all done on one single scroll-able page – no more jumping around searching and opening other software. Simple. Clean. Effective.

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