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This will be a multi-post blog talking about the speed and easy features that Electric Ease has built into its system to help give you more free time!  We will go in-depth talking about the different SPEEDTM features that can be easily applied while you are completing your estimating and management processes. Features that we’ll cover include SPEEDTM – our Single Page Electrical Estimate Document, one-click estimate emailing, auto-fill scope letter, SOW scope of work master and our SPEEDTM parts upload.

One-Click Estimate Email

This may seem like a simple feature that could easily be overlooked as a SPEEDTM feature. However, when you dig into what this simple feature provides, you quickly see how much time you can save. The “standard” way of emailing an estimate looks like this.

Type your scope letter in a word document, then save it as a PDF so your scope cannot be altered.

Add your logo to the document.

Open up your email.

Find the customer’s email address, enter the address and compose your email.

Find and attach the previously created PDF.


As discussed in our last blog with the Electric Ease SPEEDTM feature, your customer’s email was already captured when you entered the customer info. The scope letter is already set, your price has been determined, and the terms and conditions already selected.  Now, its time to send your customer their estimate. This time we’ll use the “Electric Ease” way of emailing an estimate.

Click on the client estimate report.

Select and open the client’s estimate from your list of estimates.


That is it! Your client will receive an email with a standard text in the email body along with their estimate. The estimate is clean and professional, featuring your company logo, customer info, scope, price, terms, and a signature line. Three simple steps from one simple, yet powerful program – the Electric Ease Electrical Estimating Software & Complete Job Management System!

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