Posted on 03/20/2019 at 02:00 PM by Electric Ease

This will be a multi-post blog talking about the speed and easy features that Electric Ease has built into its system to help give you more free time!  We will go in-depth talking about the different SPEEDTM features that can be easily applied while you are completing your estimating and management processes. Features that we’ll cover include SPEEDTM – our Single Page Electrical Estimate Document, one-click estimate emailing, auto-fill scope letter, SOW scope of work master and our SPEEDTM parts upload.

For this post, we will be looking at the value of a detailed scope letter and the Electric Ease features that will help you quickly fill in your scope so you can send more estimates in a shorter time frame and have confidence you are covered financially and beating your competition. 

Your scope letter can be just as important if not more important than the actual estimated price of the project. General Contractors will often comb through a subcontractor's scope to ensure they are completely covered going into a project to avoid costly change orders, a low bid does not always signify the best choice for the job and GCs know this. A complete scope can be the separation you need to beat your competition regardless of price. But… Let’s face it… you’ve probably never won an award for your typing skills and who knew when you were studying for your Masters License in preparation of starting your own electrical contracting business that you would spend more time typing than calculating or reading code!  We are electrical estimators, not clerical professionals. However, we live in a world where speed is everything, nothing is handwritten and competition is fierce. Every day you need to be faster and provide more info than your competition.

The Electric Ease Smart Capture feature saves each scope letter you create. This allows the estimator to simply preview different scopes in the database, select the scope that matches your job, then your scope letter automatically populates.  The estimator simply needs to check the scope and make any adjustments such as quantity, room schedules, HVAC, etc. Saving time during this phase of the bid allows more time to double-check pricing, check your takeoff and price more work!

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