Posted on 11/23/2020 at 03:15 PM by Kevin Buckalew

What would happen to your business or daily workflow if your computer crashed: frozen applications, the blue screen of death, hardware failure, or corrupt file? The possibilities are endless.

Now imagine what would happen to your electrical jobs if your server experienced an outage or was breached? Maybe the problem can be fixed – or maybe you’ll need to invest in new hardware. Either way, your business and workflow are impacted by losing valuable time. While you’re waiting for a replacement or fix, could you continue to create estimates, track employee time, and monitor job costs?

At some point, computer or server failure is bound to happen (and at the most inconvenient time, too). In our opinion, that’s one of the biggest reasons to use cloud-based electrical estimating software instead of an on-premises solution (which is software installed on your company’s servers and computers). It can save you and your electrical contractors time, headache, and money by preventing technology issues. 

We’ve come up with a few other good reasons to use cloud-based electrical estimating software, too …

Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software for Success

1. Solid Disaster Recovery Plan

If something goes down, needs to be repaired, or fails completely, you won’t lose your invaluable data, files, or access to your software. The disaster recovery plan you once worried about is no longer an issue.

You can keep going as long as you’ve got an internet connection and a device handy: your phone, a tablet, a laptop, a PC, etc.

2. Save on Hardware Space

Using a cloud-based electrical estimating software frees up storage space on your machines, which improves their long-term performance and speed. When hard drives are full, computers act slower. Instead of having to worry about what data is saved and stored on your system, it’s saved and stored to remote servers and accessed via the internet at any time.

3. Work from Anywhere

Cloud-based software gives you much more flexibility. Your electrical estimating software can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection instead of worrying about carrying a specific machine with you. Whether you’re on a jobsite, home sick, running a lunch-hour errand, or in the warehouse, you can access your software without having to use a specific machine with software on it.

4. No More Maintenance

In many cases (with Electric Ease, for example), when your software is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about running updates; they’re handled for you. You never have to worry about stopping what you’re doing to install them (or being forced to run updates and consequently shut out of your software while it happens).

 5. More Money, Fewer Problems

Lastly (and sometimes most importantly), cloud-based software will save you money in several ways:

  • Cloud-based software reduces the need for outside IT help to keep systems running.

  • It decreases the need for robust hardware with space available to store software

  • The software improves internal communication; less time is spent asking questions or looking for information when everyone uses the latest version of the software and can access it from anywhere (electricians in the field don’t have to call the office to ask someone to look something up)

  • It can count as an operating expense instead of a capital expense, making it easier to budget, plan, and secure funds

Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software: Electric Ease

Electric Ease electrical estimating software helps you quickly, easily, and accurately track job costs, revenue, and profits for electrical projects. You will always know exactly how you’re doing on each job and task. 

What’s even better? Because it’s cloud-based it is always accessible, always updated, and always saving you money. Schedule a quick demo before the end of the year to learn more about how Electric Ease can help improve your business in 2021 and beyond.

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