In a quick Q&A, Kevin Buckalew, Electric Ease CEO and founding partner, answers common questions about cloud-based software:

Q: What do I have to download to use Electric Ease since it's a cloud-based software?
You don't have to do anything! No software needs to be downloaded, and nothing ever needs to be updated or upgraded.

Q: If I don't have to run updates or pay for upgrades, how do I gain access to new features as they roll out?
A: There's no need to pay for system updates or upgrades. When a new feature becomes available, you'll have immediate access to it without making any changes on your end.

Q: What type of hardware do I need to run Electric Ease?
You don't need a new computer, tablet, or smartphone. You don't need a server for company-wide access. You just need internet access - and that's it!

Q: Where is my data stored?
A: Your information is stored virtually and can be accessed from many different locations at any time.

Q: How is cloud-based software different than other types of software?
You really won't notice a difference. It will look and function just like on-premise software; instead, the software is installed and maintained at our secure facility instead of at your location.