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Our History

In 2008, one small electrical contractor, tired of controllable issues hindering their business, set out to build one system that would manage several issues their company was facing. After creating and using their own electrical estimating software and job management system, this contractor realized they could help hundreds of other electrical contractors facing the same issues.

In 2009, Triforce Management Company was founded and Electric Ease was born.

Today our vision is to break the conventional boundaries of how electrical estimating software functions and is utilized by bringing new cutting edge ideas to the system at a cost that is affordable and sustainable to the user. With no huge up-front investments, no lengthy downloads and no expensive training, our members see success in as little as ONE DAY.

Redesigned and more powerful, this web-based electrical estimating software and management system was released for the whole country to enjoy.

Our Foundation

The foundation of Electric Ease is one that allows us to add features as requested by users or added as our development team dreams up new and exciting additions. We can add features to your system without downloading a new version or causing a delay of use. We believe in an affordable, yet powerful system that is user-friendly and keeps your business moving.

No lengthy downloads. No complicated merger with other systems on your computer. No issues, period.

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